Complaint Management – Dealing With Negative Reviews Of Your Hotel

In whichever business one does, challenges are always there, and every successful entrepreneur can attest to it. In hotels as an example, it is very important for one to know how to manage complaints well and professionally so as to boost their income.

Potential customers would do research about your hotel first before making a visit, and if the ratings or reviews of your hotel are poor, then that could be a red flag to them. I know that some reviews could be very bad and affect you personally, but, however, the situation could be, here are the best ways of dealing with them;

Don’t be emotional

As much as bad reviews affect us as entrepreneurs, they strengthen us in a way or the other. They make one work even harder and make changes for the better. If you get a bad one and respond to it when emotional, it might destroy your business completely. Getting too personal in your responses will not only destroy your reputation but will also chase away potential customers.


It may be hard for you to start with “Thank you” as a way of responding to harsh reviews, but those two words mean a lot. Practice makes perfect, and if you want your hotel to grow, then you have no option.

Put in mind that bad reviews are ways of alerting you the changes to be done on the complained sectors and thanking them are a way of showing that you indeed value them.


Whether you agree or totally disagree with the review, it is wise to admit to the mistake and apologize to your customers. Take time and explain to them what might have gone wrong. Take all possible measures and for you to build your PR, you can invite them over for a second time and let them see the possible improvements.

Don’t waste time

For you to improve your relationship with customers, it is good to respond to their reviews as soon as you can. That will show how much you care and take them seriously.

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All the best!