property management system

Property Management System – the thumb rule of a successful hotel

Property management system (pms system) is the world’s one and only method of ensuring a smooth running of a hotel. Behind every successful hotel is an efficient pms system. So, what is a pms system?

Property management system is a software application that makes all functions of a hotel possible.

Be it tracking hotel reservations, occupancy, cancellations, or managing housekeeping schedules and evaluation of status thereof, or inventory management, or managing HR and payroll, pms system does it all.

It is a one-in-all comprehensive software application that makes it possible for any individual or group of people to calculate the rate of loss or gain of guests, revenues, and personnel at any given time.


Pms system is the best answer to the loss of money, personnel and good will of earlier hotel management methods. Paper-based management of property led to inefficiencies and human error that could not be accounted for at times.

This resulted in chaos and unprofessional behavior of both employer and employees. Guests were always the victims of such mismanagement and they hammered the last nail in the coffin by staying away from the hotel or dissuade others from choosing it as their destination.

Pms system also simplifies for the management of a hotel to calculate its ROI, which is an accurate measurement of the financial gain or loss of an investment.

In fact, using a pms system has often been the sole cause of a higher ROI for many hotels. More the occupancy of a hotel, more the need of the hotel to provide quality services and amenities to its guests.

Providing for regular guests as well as organizing banquets and other special occasions for newly married couples or hosting a 90th birthday celebration, while maintaining the high quality promised to each and every guest, a hotel needs the automated and efficient pms system to get things done.

Besides ensuring efficient running of all departments of a hotel, the pms system takes full control of the the front desk, the be-all and end-all of hospitality management.

Checking in of guests with due attention to all special requests from guests to invoice and bill generation to requests for airport dropoffs or rental car services, the pms system, single handedly, runs the show.

The pms system not only keeps the hotel employees abreast of the guests’ information, but it also keeps the guests updated about their reservations.

The online booking system with web and mobile alerts remind the guests of their duration of stay at the hotel, their confirmation numbers, and check-in and check-out times.

This information, present with both guest and front desk hotel employee, saves time and eliminates all human error, thus making it a pleasant stay for the guests and also protecting the reputation of the hotel.